At farmers market, dietitian's mission is to cultivate health

Lisa Kingery, market and nutrition program manager for the Fondy Food Center, says her job is to improve the lives of those most underserved in the city.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel profiled Fondy staff member Lisa Kingery in this article by Anne Schamberg on June 22, 2006.

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The Fondy Beet - Saturday, August 13th at Fondy

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This Saturday at Fondy

Taste the Season: Deli-style Kosher Dill Pickles
Taste the Season takes place Saturdays, 9am - noon
Old-fashioned fermented dill pickles are delicious and easy to make. In addition to fresh cucumbers and some spices, all that is needed is water, salt and time. Not only do they taste great, eating fermented foods gives us a dose of beneficial microorganisms that aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. They can be kept for months in the fridge or canned and put up on a shelf for a year. Master Food Preserver Lisa Kingery will demonstrate how to preserve fresh cucumbers from Fondy using this pickling method, and she'll even have samples and a recipe to share! 

Youth Booth: Recipe Scavenger Hunt
Youth Booth takes place Saturdays, 9am - noon
Kids, stop by the Youth Booth and receive a tasty recipe for stuffed patty pan squash. Match the ingredient names to pictures, and then try to find these ingredients while shopping with your parents.

Music at the Market: Lucky Diop

Enjoy the rich Senegalese sounds of Lucky Diop from 10:30am - 12:30pm this Saturday at Fondy. Ndongo Bahoum Diop was born in Ziguinchor, which is the richest cultural city in Senegal. His nickname is Lucky. He belongs to the Diola (jola) tribe, one of the rare tribes where everybody is a musician! Lucky's specialties include the djembe (a percussion instrument) and kora (a stringed instrument). He has extensive training in Senegalese music and dance, and has performed in Africa, Europe and the United States. Currently living in Milwaukee, Lucky has established African music programs for youth. Feel free to ask him questions about the instruments he uses and music he plays.

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Happy National Farmers Market Week!

National Farmers Market Week 2011 is August 7th through the 13th. This year marks the 12th Annual National Farmers Market Week. Celebrate by supporting your favorite market! Come out and shop, then support Fondy in these ways:

What's in Season?
What you can expect to find at market this week.

Plentiful (weather willing)

: cranberry shelling beans, snap beans (green, wax, Romano, yardlong), beets (Chioggia, golden, red), cabbage, carrots (orange, yellow), chili peppers (Anaheim, Banana, Cayenne, Habanero, Hungarian Wax, Jalapeno, Jimmy Nardello Italian Frying Peppers, Poblano, Thai), sweet corn, Hmong corn, cucumbers (English, pickling, slicing), Asian eggplant (Chinese, Thai ball), bitter eggplant (Hmong red), Italian eggplant (green, purple, white), garlic, kohlrabi (green, red), leeks, leaf lettuce (green, red), okra, onions (red, white, yellow), scallions, sugar snap peas, green bell peppers, baby potatoes (red, white), fingerling potatoes, waxy yellow potatoes, radishes (daikon, red), winter melon, Asian pumpkin, patty pan squash, yelllow summer squash, green tomatoes, turnips, zucchini

Greens: amaranth (green, red), bok choy (several varieties), choy sum/yu choy, collards, kale, curly mustard, slick mustard, nightshade, pumpkin leaf, Malabar/Vietnamese spinach, summer squash leaf, sweet potato leaf, Swiss chard, tossa jute, turnip greens 

Herbs: basil (African, Italian, Thai), cilantro, dill, lemon balm, peach tree leaves, peppermint, sage, sorrel, thyme

Meat/Poultry: chicken, eggs

Value-added: apple cider, honey, popping corn

Flowers/Plants: annual and perennial flowers; starter herbs; beautiful fresh-cut flower bouquets featuring dahlias, gladiolas, lilies, poppies, sunflowers, zinnias, and more

Limited Supply (get to the market early!)

Veggies: broccoli, cabbage sprouts, purple bell pepper, shallots, bitter melon, summer squash blossoms, hubbard squash, cherry tomatoes, red slicing tomatoes

Fruits: raspberries

Prepared Food Vendors (Saturdays Only)
Checker Board Foods, Corn Man, Egg Roll Lady, Pam Ella's Artisan PatisserieVi Nai Cafe, Yammies Pie Co.

Craft & Specialty Vendors (Saturdays Only)
Miss Rose’s Watkins & More

For a general overview of local produce availability and to better plan your season, check out our Seasonal Food Guide.
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