At farmers market, dietitian's mission is to cultivate health

Lisa Kingery, market and nutrition program manager for the Fondy Food Center, says her job is to improve the lives of those most underserved in the city.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel profiled Fondy staff member Lisa Kingery in this article by Anne Schamberg on June 22, 2006.

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2014 Music At The MarketWMSE is a proud 2014 season sponsor

The Fondy Beet - Vol. 4, Issue 32 November 8, 2013

The Fondy Beet
  Volume 4, Issue 32                                                                                        November 8, 2013

Fondy Food
2200 W. Fond du Lac Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
just north of North Ave.

2013 Market Hours & Dates

May 11 - June 15
Sat    Sun    Tues Thurs

June 22 - November 2
7-3 8-2 8-2 8-2

Nov. 2 - Nov. 24
7-3 8-2*    

Beginning Saturday, June 22, the Market is open 4 days a week.

The Market's last day of the 2013 season is Sunday, November 24.*

*Weather permitting. Please call Market office.

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Market Happenings

The Colder the Weather, the Sweeter the Greens

collardsAs temperatures plunge, many of our favorite fall vegetables become sweeter.  The technical term for this is "cold-sweetening."  But the term we like best is "yum!" (Photo to left: collard greens.)

Here's how it works: When temperatures drop, some plants break down their energy stores into sugars such as glucous and fructose and spread them throughout its stems and leaves to protect itself from frost damage. According to UW-Madison horticulture professor Irwin Goldman, "Sugar dissolved in a cell makes it less susceptible to freezing in the same way that salting roads reduces ice."

Cold-sweetening occurs in greens (collards, mustard, spinach, etc.), beets, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and potatoes.  All of these, plus your favorite squash and other late season vegetables will be on sale at Fondy Farmers Market.

butternut squashharvest squashpumpkin 2
Fondy Farmers Market is Open for Just 
Three More Weekends*

Nov. 9:  7am-3pm; Nov. 10: 8am-2pm
Nov. 16:  7am-3pm; Nov. 17: 8am-2pm
Nov. 23:  7am-3pm; Nov. 24: 8am-2pm

You have three more weekends to stock up on your favorite late harvest items, such as carrots, squash, greens, potatoes, and leeks. Our vendors have a large selection of produce just perfect for making delicious soups and pies! Sweet potato pie, anyone? 

*The Market will be open on Sundays 8am-2pm depending on the weather.  Please call the Market office at 414-933-8121 to confirm Sunday hours.

What’s in Season?

There are only three more weekends left at Fondy Farmers Market.  Food stamps (QUEST cards) will continue to be accepted until the Market's last day, Sunday, November 24th.  Note: WIC and Senior Farmers Market nutrition vouchers are no longer accepted; they expired October 31, 2013.

Plentiful (weather willing)

Veggies: cranberry shelling beans, beets, bell peppers (green, orange, purple, red, yellow), broccoli, cabbage, cabbage sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chili peppers (Banana, Cayenne, Cherry Bombs, Habanero, Hungarian Wax, Jalapeno), Hmong cucumber, Asian bitter eggplant (Hmong red, Thai pea), Thai ball eggplant, Italian eggplant, garlic, Jerusalem artichokes/sunchokes, jicama, leeks, lettuce, onions (red, white, yellow), scallions, baby potatoes (red, white, yellow), waxy potatoes (red, white, yellow, Yukon Gold), Kennebec storage potatoes, sweet potatoes, radishes, Asian winter melon, winter squash (acorn, sweet dumpling, buttercup, butternut, carnival, delicata, pumpkin, spaghetti, speckled hound), tomatoes (cherry, green, red slicing), turnips
Greens: Chinese mustard, collards, kale, curly mustard, slick mustard, redroot pigweed, spinach, Swiss chard, turnip greens
Fruits: apples, watermelon
Herbs/Aromatics: basil, cilantro, dill, garlic, lemongrass, sage,  thyme, oregano, pineapple sage, borage, rosemary
Value-added Products: apple cider, honey, popping corn
Flowers: beautiful fresh-cut flower bouquets
Seasonal Decorations: Indian corn, decorative gourds, carving pumpkins

Limited Supply (get to the market early!)
Veggies: Brussels sprouts, sorghum cane, yellow summer squash, zucchini
Fruits: pears
Meat/Poultry: chicken, eggs

Prepared Food Vendors (Saturdays Only)
Cheesecake Lady (cheesecake), Avia's Cakes, Debbie Jo's BBQ (rib dinners, smoked turkey greens, cornbread), Alice's Garden (hot herbal tea: Chocolate Mint and Lemon Balm)

Craft & Specialty Vendors (Saturdays Only)
Miss Rose’s Watkins & More, Walnut Way Conservation Corp (honey, coffee, herbal teas and other herbal products), Craigland Farms (vegetables, frozen whole chicken, eggs, popping corn), Alice's Garden and the MOVE Crew (More Organic Vegetables for Everyone)


Fondy Outpost Fundraiser

Learn How to Eat Seasonally with Young Kim and Chef Gregory León Sunday 11/17 at Bay View Outpost

Fondy's own Young Kim and Chef Gregory León are teaming up to talk about the challenges and rewards of eating locally produced food on Sunday, November 17th 2-3:30pm at Outpost's Bay View Store (2826 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue, Milwaukee).

Tickets are just $10 and include delicious appetizers prepared by Chef León and dessert and beverages by Outpost's Bakery. Specially designed Fondy Hero/Outpost Community Partner t-shirts (in men's and women's styles) will also be available for sale at the event. (Hmmm...a great gift idea?)

Proceeds from the event support Fondy Food Center's programming - Fondy Farm Project and Fondy Farmers Market.

Chef LeGregLeonón recently moved to Milwaukee from San Francisco, where he has been cooking his way up the line in some of San Francisco's hottest kitchens, including Hibiscus, Poesia, and Tapeo. He plans to open his Milwaukee restaurant "Amilinda" in Spring ‘14. Click here to learn more about Chef León.

Fondy Food Center is Outpost's Fall 2013 Community Partner.  Click here to learn more.

Cover Crops in Place at Fondy Farm
Check out the latest blog by Fondy Farm Director Stephen Petro about the cover crops that Fondy farmers are using as part of the farm's sustainable growing methods. Cover crops promote soil health and fertility and result in less disease, pests, weeds, and erosion....all around a very good thing. Click here to read more.  (Photo below of pea cover crop at Fondy Farm, August 2013. Photo: Stephen Petro)

cover crop of peas planted 9.19.13

Changes to Food Safety Modernization Act
Fondy has been following proposed changes to the U.S. FDA's Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).  If you're interested in learning how this will affect you, click here for the official site.  For a perspective from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, click here.

Thank you to our 2013 Fondy Farmers Market Season Sponsors :

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Bert L. and Patricia S. Steigleder Charitable Trust

And thank you to our Community Partners
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For a genUnitedWayLogo_CYMK_verteral overview of local produce availability and to better plan your season, check out our Seasonal Food Guide.

 Fondy Food Center connects Greater Milwaukee to local, fresh food – from farm to table.
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  • Cooking-based nutrition education for youth and adults.
  • The historic Haymarket tradition filling the need for fresh, locally grown food in Milwaukee’s Northside neighborhoods.
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