At farmers market, dietitian's mission is to cultivate health

Lisa Kingery, market and nutrition program manager for the Fondy Food Center, says her job is to improve the lives of those most underserved in the city.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel profiled Fondy staff member Lisa Kingery in this article by Anne Schamberg on June 22, 2006.

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The Fondy Beet - Saturday, October 2nd at Fondy

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This Saturday at Fondy

Taste the Season: Coleslaw & Apple Treats
Taste the Season takes place Saturdays, 9am - noon
Join Fondy's Mount Mary Dietetic Interns Kelly and Amy as they share fresh red cabbage coleslaw and hot apple treats. Stop by for samples, recipes and advice on cooking with locally grown produce.

Youth Booth: Food Word Fun
Youth Booth takes place Saturdays, 9am - noon
Ever wonder what your favorite fruit or vegetable is called in another language? This Saturday, kids can stop by the Youth Booth to learn food names in different languages. They'll also play a food-themed version of the wacky word game mad libs.

News & Announcements

Thanks to Calee, Fondy's Youth Booth Intern

Fondy would like to acknowledge Youth Booth Intern Calee Harrington for all her hard work this season. Soon to be a graduate of UW-Madison's Dietetics program, Calee put her education to use in devising and implementing 14 days worth of food-related activities and lessons for kids at Fondy's Youth Booth. We are very thankful for Calee's dedication to teaching kids the importance of nutritional, seasonal eating using locally grown produce and creative hands-on activities. Last Saturday was Calee's final day at the Youth Booth, but don't worry - the fun continues through October with help from UW-Milwaukee Service Learners.

Comfort Food: True Stories from Fondy

As part of Fondy's Haymarket Days Festival on Saturday, September 11th, local storytelling organization Ex Fabula encouraged shoppers to share personal stories around the theme "comfort food". For a recap of Ex Fabula's guerrilla story slam at Fondy, please click here.

What’s in Season?
What you can expect to find when you shop.

Plentiful (weather willing)
Veggies: lima beans (shelled & unshelled), pinto beans (shelled & unshelled), beets, broccoli, cabbage, cabbage sprouts, carrots, chili peppers (Anaheim, cayenne, habanero, jalapeno, poblano, serrano & Thai), cucumbers, Hmong cucumbers, eggplants (American/Italian, green Thai ball, Thai pea & white), leeks, leaf lettuce, onions (white, yellow & red), black-eyed peas, purple hull peas, banana peppers, bell peppers (green, orange, purple, red & yellow), potatoes (fingerling, Kennebec, new red, new yellow & Yukon Gold), sweet potatoes (orange & white), radish, daikon radish, snap beans (green, Romano, wax & yard-long), sorghum cane, Asian squash (bitter melon, winter melon & Asian pumpkin), summer squash (patty pan, yellow, zucchini), winter squash (acorn, buttercup, butternut, carnival, hubbard, spaghetti), tomatillos, tomatoes (green, red slicing & Roma/plum), cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, turnips
Greens: bok choy, Chinese mustard, collards, curly mustard, slick mustard, okra leaf, sweet potato leaf, Swiss chard, turnip greens
Herbs: basil (Italian & Thai), cilantro, dill
Fruits: apples, watermelon (red & yellow)
Value-Added: apple cider, popping corn
Flowers/Decor: beautiful flower bouquets, Indian corn, decorative gourds

Limited Supply (get to the market early!)
Veggies: sweet corn, garlic, okra, green onions/scallions
Herbs: lemongrass
Fruits: cantaloupe, pears
Meat/Poultry: chickens, eggs

Prepared Food Vendors
Corn Man, Egg Roll Lady, Vi Nai Cafe, Wade's Southern Cuisine, Yammie Pie Co.

Craft & Specialty Vendors
Abba's Earth Soaps, Bead Unto You, Miss Rose’s Watkins & More
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